Friday, 13 January 2012

In need of a hero?

Is there any better rescuer 
than a deliciously
chocolately and 
seriously decadent

Here is my recipe for one 
of my best selling cookies:
the chocolate hero.

The art of all good dough
making, needs care, love 
and quick working 
to ensure the dough is 
not overworked.

And any dough maker 
will tell you that 
the more times you 
make it 
the better your
"feel" for the dough.

Things like egg size (I use large)
and humidity in the air
can all effect the outcome 
of the biscuit.
You may need to adjust the flour 
accordingly and lots of
practice will 
help you "read" the dough.

So practice away, 
eat some warm from the oven, 
experiment with adding other ingredients
(macadamias are a great addition)
please share my recipe 
(not cookies - they can make their own lol)
with loved ones.



  1. You're so generous for sharing Lisa! Your cookies are SO delicious! xo

  2. Oh YUM!!! I'm going to raid the pantry right now in hopes of finding all required ingredients! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  3. Thank you for sharing this! Can't wait to try it myself, though I'm sure it will take a while to make them taste like yours

  4. Question from a non cook- your instruction says 14cm in diameter... Do you mean length? How big should the diameter be before cutting? I assumed you meant add the cocoa when sifting the flour... Is that right?
    Will be baking them in the morning so will let you know how they go.

  5. Thank you Justine - add in the cocoa with the flour (oops). When you roll the mixture into a long log (length prob about 20cm)- if you were to measure the thickness of the log (around it) it should measure approx 14-15 cm. (think roughly the size of a small lemon). Happy baking :)